The artwork of Victoria Kincses


My name is Victoria Kincses, I am a full time graphic designer and illustrator from the heart of Europe.

I'm trying to be active at many creative fields, from tattoo designing through concept art illustrating to jewelcrafting. Creating something is not just a job for me, it's my favourite hobby and an activity that makes me happy the most.

I hope you will enjoy my work!

Commission Info

Prices, scheduling and additional information.


Collection of my geometric works from the last few years.


Designs available for purchase.

Thank you for stopping by!

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Please choose a commission type based on your interest!

Important: The base prices are black and white dotworked designs.

Simple flower

Basic design with some geometric elements, one flower or object or mandala.

100 EUR

Detailed flower

Detailed flower design with mandala or ornaments, and geometric elements.

115 EUR

Simple animal

Simple animal design with geometric elements.

HeadshotWith body
120 EUR130 EUR

Detailed animal

Detailed animal design with mandala or flowers and geometric elements.

HeadshotWith body
130 EUR140 EUR

Simple character design

Headshot character design with geometric elements.

155 EUR

Detailed character design

Full body / torso character design with geometric elements.

170 EUR


Give me a small introduction about yourself (or a single word) and i will think up a design for you!

There is no revision option for this type of commission.

50 EUR100 EUR

Extra detailed design

There are requests which doesn't fit to any of the above. This usually happens when the design include more objects and requires additional detailing. In this case the price is based on the complexity.

150+ EUR

Additional options & Info

Important: The base prices are black and white dotworked and / or shaded designs.

  • Half / partial coloring: +15%

  • Full coloring: +30%

  • Vectorizing: +50%

  • Mild rush fee (completed in 72 hours): +20%

  • Rush fee (completed in 48 hours): +50%

  • Super rush fee (completed in 24 hours): +100%

  • Original handdrawn/handpainted design: +100% + shipping fee

  • Commercial use: +200%

  • Mild gore or sexual content: +50%

Payment & Process

  1. The commission process starts after paying upfront via Paypal or Wise. Please doublecheck to pay in EUR, and not in any other currency.

  2. Please describe your commission providing as much information as possible. If you have, feel free to send reference pictures.

  3. After discussing and deciding on the commission type, you will be sent an invoice.

  4. After the payment is received, you will get the lineart in 5-7 days. There are 2 revisions included at this stage. After the client's approval, i will start the shading or coloring and finish the design in an additional 5-7 days.

  5. Late change requests after the lineart stage will be a plus charge based on the complexity of the change.

Describing the design

  • The commission type

  • Colored, half-colored or black and white

  • If colored then the colors, color pairs, overall color atmosphere *(e.g. warm, cold, neon, etc)

  • If black and white then the type of shading: sketchy, soft realistic or dotwork (optional, you can leave it up to me)

  • Required objects (e.g. leaves, type of flower, mandala, laces, feathers, moons, eclipse, etc.)

  • Prohibited objects (optional)

  • Overall shape of the design (e.g. oval, triangular, diamond, rectangle etc.)

  • If commissioning a character, the pose of the character, face expression, type of clothing


The art of Victoria Kincses


The art of Victoria Kincses


The art of Victoria Kincses

Simple flower commission order

Detailed flower commission order

Simple animal headshot commission order

Simple animal with body commission order

Detailed animal headshot commission order

Detailed animal with body commission order

Character headshot commission order

Character with body commission order

Simple "Surprise me!" Joker game

Detailed "Surprise me!" Joker game

Extra detailed order